shana r martin

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Come along as I paraglide through the whimsical adventure that is my mind.

Our Adventure Begins

Hello. Today I am not going to tell a story… but rather, I am going to officially dive in to our new adventure. My amazing boyfriend and I are starting to plan our 6 month drive across the country! Yep. You read that right. And yes…. I am sooooo excited. We haven’t even started settingContinue reading “Our Adventure Begins”

Stick to your Guns

I am not an expert at anything. Nor do I claim to be something that I am far from. I do, though, have thoughts and opinions on things. Sure, everyone does… but I just think mine are more correct than most. Relationship advice is currently what is at the peak of my thoughts as IContinue reading “Stick to your Guns”

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